Saturday, August 28, 2010

Video games

Being a moderate follower of the video gaming community, occasionally a game catches my interest and I find that I become impatient with anticipation waiting for its release. I started off playing "Colossal Cave Adventure" (a real classic - here's the link for those who never experienced it in my childhood days, and the habit has stuck with me. I remember when pong was a marvel in the video gaming community, and have observed how relatively rapidly the technology behind these games has progressed, and it is truly stunning. These days we have near photo-realistic games, with the recent addition of 3D technology. The game currently on my mind is Gran Turismo 5, and I know that I will pick it up upon its release and let it eat away many an hour of my life. How about everyone out there? What are your gaming experiences, and what are you currently anticipating or playing?

My blog

Hello, my name is Sam. I have been introduced to this site by some co-workers, and I hope to use this website as an effective means of keeping people posed on important things happening in my life as well as my thoughts and musings.